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  • David Killilea earned € 138.81 from Gadgets
  • Aidan O Shea earned € 5.18 from Gadgets
  • Alan Barry earned € 108.60 from Gadgets
  • Leah Monks earned € 124.14 from Gadgets
  • LOUISE BYRNE earned € 960.23 from Gadgets
  • Stephan Hattenhauer earned € 51.65 from Gadgets
  • Mark Forrester earned € 121.77 from Gadgets
  • Mary Crowe earned € 59.84 from Gadgets
  • Helen OMahony earned € 18.10 from Gadgets
  • janis kancans earned € 11.98 from Gadgets
  • Jevind Borthosow earned € 22.82 from Gadgets
  • sarah earned € 98.01 from Gadgets


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GYG.ie, a start-up based in Cork, Ireland, which pays people for unwanted mobile phones, laptops, DVDs, gadgets and games...and is not scared of trying domwthing a little different when it comes to promotion :-)


Firm shows how to get most for gadgets

A Cork start-up is offering a new online service which allows users to sell second-hand phones, gadgets and laptops for a fair price. GreenYourGoods.ie launched last October, following ten months in development....



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