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  • Gemma Dermody earned € 49.61 from Gadgets
  • Martin Feighery earned € 13.54 from Gadgets
  • John O Reilly earned € 5.40 from Gadgets
  • Mary Kenny earned € 28.06 from Gadgets
  • mary rudden earned € 5.38 from Gadgets
  • Alexei Mandaji earned € 90.56 from Gadgets
  • Lorcan Connolly earned € 111.23 from Gadgets
  • Marie Mullally earned € 32.56 from Gadgets
  • Ciara McFall earned € 129.29 from Gadgets
  • Donal Parsons earned € 49.41 from Gadgets
  • kenneth moore earned € 122.16 from Gadgets
  • kenneth moore earned € 73.01 from Gadgets


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Giving Back with Gadgets

GYG.ie, a start-up based in Cork, Ireland, which pays people for unwanted mobile phones, laptops, DVDs, gadgets and games...and is not scared of trying domwthing a little different when it comes to promotion :-)


Firm shows how to get most for gadgets

A Cork start-up is offering a new online service which allows users to sell second-hand phones, gadgets and laptops for a fair price. GreenYourGoods.ie launched last October, following ten months in development....



  • GreenYourGoods (GYG), is Moving Office!

    Please bear with us during the move as response times might be a little longer than usual! Any orders on the system or items sent in will be tested and paid for but for the next week or two we may need to ..
  • GreenYourGoods.ie to GYG.ie

    Its a metamorphosis kinda! In the interest of making long things short....which you dont hear very oftern, we've officially changed our homepage from greenyourgoods.ie to gyg.ie. But dont worry, we are ..
  • Need Money to pay for Christmas....after Christmas?

    Have you been given a mobile phone that kinda kicks your old one to the kerb? Then head to gyg.ie, (GYG.ie to our friends), to get paid money for your old mobile phone in Ireland. Some call it recycling, ..

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