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Something very interesting was pointed out to us last week, (thanks John of Enterprise Ireland!)  We are one of Irelands few, reliable online sellers of used iPhones, that provide a guarantee, free shipping and have verified feedback from customers. In fact 99.9% of customers have given us positive feedback…and the 1 person out out 1,000 who did not, had a problem thanks to our friends in the Italian postal system!

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You may also be someone, who is a little shall we say, inquisitive as to what is the REAL difference between different versions of iPhone, and as a company who has handled hundreds and hundreds, I can tell you this, its very little.

In my opinion the iPhone 4 has a better battery life, and while ye, there is Siri, lets face it most people available evidence indiactes the following is the case!

So, if you want to buy an iPhone 3Gs, an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, (and we actually got our first iPhone 5 this week – clearly people value the cash more than an upgrade in some cases….especially given how much we pay for phones!), you know that coming to or our store GreenedGoods on eBay will be where you needs to go. Why?


- we Guarantee your iPhone for 1 month

- we are a Top Rated Seller on eBay (we just got told today we will be from the 20th Oct :-)

- we have 99.9% positive feedback

- we test our iPhones for speaker, microphone, calltest, touchscreen, headphone jack, WiFi, silence button and on/off button

- we give you Free shipping, so you don’t have to call to any random house to inspect a phone, and its shipped in a day using registered post

- we are an Irish company that you can pick up the phone and talk to if you need help

So, not only do we pay you the most for your old phone, but we charge you less for your new phone!  In fact there are many customers of ours how upgrade their phones through us!  So, sell your iPhone 4 to us for and buy your iPhone 4S for less than anywhere else!

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