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Can Recycling Facts and Figures

Published on July 31, 2015 By administrator

Steel and aluminium were being collected to melt down for re-manufacture long before the term ‘recycling’ was invented. Recycled metal has exactly the same properties as virgin material – but takes less than 25 per cent of the energy to produce. – Ireland places over 500 million drinks onto the market cans every year. More [...]

Interesting Recycling Facts

Published on July 3, 2015 By administrator

A running faucet wastes 2.5 gallons of water each minute. A dishwasher uses 11 gallons of water per use. 75 percent of all water used in the household is used in the bathroom. A toilet made in 1992 or earlier uses up to 60 percent more water per flush than newer high efficiency toilets. Turning of [...]

40 Facts About Recycling

Published on June 19, 2015 By administrator

Fact 1: Recycling is a process to create new items from old and used materials. This helps in reducing energy and potentially useful materials from being wasted. Fact 2: Recycling is a part of waste disposal hierarchy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Fact 3: Aluminium cans can actually be recycled and put back onto the shelf [...]