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Exchange old bulbs for new

Published on August 18, 2015 By administrator

The great bulb exchange has just been launched by the WEE Ireland in association with the Irish lighting industry and hardware stores. Customers can bring back their used energy-saving bulbs to participating hardware suppliers and get spring flowering bulbs in exchange at no charge. Woodies, Arro, Homevalue, Expert Hardware, and Topline are all taking part [...]

Recycling Old Laptop Batteries

Published on June 22, 2015 By administrator

Unfortunately, we cannot take batteries on their own. However, Currys will take away your old battery  for free recycling, along with any packaging, when we deliver your new one OR you can also bring any unwanted electrical item into your nearest Currys PC World for free recycling, even if you haven’t bought it from us. Electrical [...]

21 Genius DIY Ways To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

Published on June 18, 2015 By administrator

Those four rubber tires that make your car go round won’t last forever, unfortunately they don’t even really last all that long. At least every few years you have to buy a new set of tires, at which point your bulky old tires become toxic waste. As mounds upon mounds of tires sit decomposing in landfills they [...]