Below is an outline of how we grade your old mobile phones once we receive them.
It is important to try and stick as close to this guide as possible when grading your own mobile phone during the trade-in process in order to avoid disappointment.
To grade your phone, start at “Working” below and tick off the list in its entirety. If any ONE item in a grade is true, then that is its grade.


Full list price
  1. Full working order with a battery
  2. The phone must turn on and off
  3. The phone must be fully functional
  4. The screen must be working and intact
  5. The phone must not be crushed or water-damage

Reduced list price

  1. PIN Locked
  2. Badly damaged casing
  3. No battery
  4. Handset back/battery cover missing or broken
  5. Does not power up
  6. Handset operating system missing or corrupt
  7. Broken/missing aerial
  8. Faulty keypad
  9. SIM Gate broken or missing
  10. Memory card holder broken or missing
  11. Charger port not working
  12. Camera or microphone not working

This list is not exhaustive and GreenYourGoods reserves the right to amend this list at any time. 


Beyond Economical Repair (BER)
Zero Value

  1. Physically broken or in more than one piece!
  2. Broken/Cracked/Snapped hinges
  3. Water damaged
  4. LCD cracked/bleeding/does not work or missing
  5. Unresponsive touch screen’s
  6. SIM glued in
  7. Memory card glued in
  8. Broken battery terminals
  9. Re-programmed IMEI number**
  10. Logged by Immobilise/on the IMEI blacklist register**
  11. Barred by a network**

Mobile phones received in bottom 3 conditions will also be reported to the police.



If a phone fails to meet our terms and conditions we'll propose an adjusted price by email. You will have seven (7) days from the date of the proposed price notification to accept or decline the new offer.  If after 7 days you have not responded, we will automatically assume your acceptance of the offer and process payment.

If you choose to decline our new offer within 7 days of the new price proposal, we are happy to return thephone.  A minimum delivery charge of €7.00 will be applicable depending on weight and number of phones to be returned.

We have the final decision on all phone values – Click here for full Terms & Conditions