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Laptops Products.       Page Numbers : 1 2 3 




Giving Back with Gadgets

GYG.ie, a start-up based in Cork, Ireland, which pays people for unwanted mobile phones, laptops, DVDs, gadgets and games...and is not scared of trying domwthing a little different when it comes to promotion :-)


Firm shows how to get most for gadgets

A Cork start-up is offering a new online service which allows users to sell second-hand phones, gadgets and laptops for a fair price. GreenYourGoods.ie launched last October, following ten months in development....

  • How does GreenYourGoods guarantee the best prices?

    We use software based on real-market prices that allows us to guarantee you are getting the best price possible for everything. Remember, you never have to go anywhere else to check prices...

  • Can I sell more than one item to GreenYourGoods at once?

    Yes, you most definitely can. Just click on the 'Add Gadget' button to search for more items to add. Once you've entered them all, you finish the process by providing shipping and payment information....


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