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Basically GYG provides you with a way to generate cash for old stuff which we pass on for resale (or recycling where required).

But what makes GYG different, is that we allow you to generate the most cash for yourself, your own cause or for an existing charity of your choice, using much more than just phones, including Games, DVDs, iPods, Laptops, Tablets and more , and giving better value in a more transparent way.

Two general notes,

(1) if you dont know the model number of your phone, check the model number of your mobile phone look on the white IMEI label situated underneath the battery, as in picture below.

(2) When sending DVDs, please ensure you send a minimum of 10 items if using our Freepost service, or a minimum of 50 DVDs if having a courier pickup...thanks!

To arrange a courier pickup, simply email us with your name, address, contact number and the number of DVDs you want to sell. It helps if you fill out an order for a single items, so you can securely log your payment details etc. on our system. It makes things easier to track for us also.

So How do you get paid or raise funds using old electronic items? See below for instructions.

Want to Sell Your Gadget (or Donate it to a cause)?

(1)  Simply Select Sell your Gadget and/or Enter your gadget in the Green Boxed Search Bar (or Click and icon) to find a value for it. Our comparison software guarantees that you get the best price for your item.

(2)  Click on the best deal to sell your item.  If you sell with GYG you can choose from our large and ever growing number of charities and causes to donate to...but don’t feel bad for keeping the cash either! If you're selling with someone else follow their instructions when redirected

(3)  Register and Pop your phone(s) into an envelope, (pack well to avoid damage during transit!), using the freepost address with the packing slip that we generate for you to printout, after:

-       Deleting all content and removing SIM.  If you are sending a different electronic item, please ensure that any personal content has been removed.

-       Removing any phone locks that require a pin code. Handsets that are received and cannot be fully tested because of a phone lock will not be processed for payment and might not be returned. (see below for details on the valuation process)

Also, if you have a number of items to send, please contact us and we can arrange a free courier!

(4)  Once your item has been received and checked, you will get paid, or your cause credited within 7 days!

Want to Fundraise for a Cause?

(1)  Click Fundraise to begin.  You can either Donate to an existing cause using the ‘Want to Donate’ section, or click ‘Make Your Page’ to start your own fundraising drive! Select from a list of charites to fundraise for, or set up your own cause!

(2)  Enter your details to start an account and follow on, by entering the details and personalising your own cause page.

(3)  Use our Promotional Tools to promote your cause via Facebook, email, Twitter and our pre-made flyers & posters – the more you promote, the more you earn!

(4)  Watch your total grow as your friends, familiy and colleagues send their used electronic goods to GYG to convert them to funds!

Want to Support a Friends Cause?

(1)  Follow your friends link, or search in the ‘Want to Donate’ section of the Fundraise page.  Have a read of the cause you will be supporting and How it Works.

(2)  Click 'Donate Your Gadget' to search for your gadget from the list of categories and manufacturers, and the 'Value it' button will tell you how much it is worth.

(3)  Fill in your details, the message you would like to appear with your donation, and pop your item into an envelope with the packing slip after deleting all content and removing SIM using our freepost address. If you are sending a different electronic item, please ensure that any personal content has been removed.

Also, if you have a number of items to send, please contact us and we can arrange a free courier!

(4)  Your message and donation will be credited to the cause once we have received and checked your item(s), so you can be sure it goes to the right place!

Want to Donate a large number of items (Business or Schools?:

(1)  Search for your device from our dropdown to get the estimated value of your goods.

(2)  Enter your details and click submit to send to us.

(3)   We will contact you to confirm quote and arrange for Free courier.

(4)   Get paid money or your old goods, or choose to donate to a specific cause and reap the PR benefits with our helpful widgets and good publicity on your behalf!

Remember GYG uses the highest accredited methods of data deletion available so you data is safer and more secure that any other service provider.

Help us to help people, businesses, community groups and charities to be smarter about generating
money from what they already have - making it pay to be green.

For further information and full terms and conditions, click here!

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